What’s Happening In California Real Estate?


Halfway through 2016, residential real estate markets are performing as predicted from the beginning of the year. Sales and prices have been going up in most areas, while the number of homes for sale and total months supply of inventory have been going down. Meanwhile, many sellers have been getting a higher percentage of their asking price, and supply continues to struggle to meet demand. The message may be repetitive, but it is largely positive.

New Listings were down 5.5 percent for Single Family homes but increased 1.7 percent for Condo properties. Pending Sales decreased 50. percent for Single Family homes and 45 percent for Condo properties.

The Median Sales Price was up 4.9 percent to $645,000 for Single Family homes and 5.2 percent to $405,000 for Condos. Months Supply of Inventory increased 5.9 percent for Single Family units and 10.7 percent for Townhouse-Condo units.

The national unemployment rate recently dropped 0.3 percent to 4.7 percent, but some states felt more of a pinch in their own figures. Similarly, the low inventory situation is showing signs of strain in markets where there are few homes for purchase. With an interest rate increase still in the cards this year, combined with the American political landscape and global economic events, a cool down could occur by winter. Presently, however, growth prevails as many locales are reaching near-record prices not seen in more than a decade.

Sales in Irvine, California are still strong. Take a look at the trends

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Renters: Boomers vs. Gen X

How about those Baby Boomers? Do they still rent? Are they competing with Gen X renters? You might be surprised to learn!

Boomers Rent

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Orange County Real Estate Fraud Alert

This fraud alert was published by the O.C. Office of the Assessor. If you require additional information, please contact  any of the resources listed at the bottom of the PDF document. If you would like information regarding specific real property, call 714-264-5964 or email brokertom@gmail.com

Real Estate Fraud Alert

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Orange County Secured Property Tax Assessment

Orange County Secured Property Tax Notices were mailed out on July 12. If you disagree with the assessed value, you may file an appeal, but you must do so before September 17, 2012. There are no fees for filing.

How to Appeal

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Investment Analysis

This spreadsheet is a handy way to capture your revenue and expenses for each real estate investment. The utility will calculate the  Capitalization (CAP) rate, Cash on Cash return, Gross Rent Multiplier, and Debt Coverage Service Ratio. Also included are sheets for loan calculations and amortization. Good luck with your investments. Please follow me on www.facebook.com/brokertom.

Investment Analysis Spreadsheet

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Old Fashion Sugar Cookies – July 9th is National Sugar Cookie Day

Old Fashion Sugar Cookies

What would National Sugar Cookie Day be without a wonderful old fashion sugar cookie. This recipe is easy to make and takes almost no time at all. When the cookies are baking the house will smell so good. Make sure you have your favorite beverage ready when the cookies come out of the oven. I like mine with English Tea.

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The Pernicious “Unearned” Income Tax on High Income Earners

ObamaCare smacks a new tax on unearned income in order to help pay for the gargantuan program. Many refer to the tax as a real estate sales tax, or transfer tax. Even though it is not such a tax, it sure looks and smells like it; especially, when applied to net investment income generated by real estate. It also hits income generated by other forms of capital. In many ways, it becomes a double whammy on those who pay capital gains tax. The new tax goes into effect January 1, 2013. It seems like just another way to punish successful investors. The 3.8% levy will not affect any other segment of the population. Wouldn’t it have made more sense to let everyone contribute via a National sales tax? The link contains a thorough Q&A covering the important aspects of the tax.

Q&A Sheet                 Podcast


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